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Possible Gardens: creating gardens that are thriving with vitality, vibrancy, colour and life, through a bespoke process of design ingenuity, subtle inspiration and practical help. 


When it comes to your garden, anything is possible!

It is so easy for a once-verdant, lively and well-kempt garden to lose its way. Shady areas become waterlogged and lifeless. What were once summery spots of inspiration in bloom turn to overgrown patches of weeds, impossible to manage and preventing anything new from growing. At Possible Gardens, transforming the seemingly impossible into a horticultural triumph is not just our job - it's our passion.

However large or small your garden, whatever issues you are facing, get in touch with us for an initial, no-obligation chat, survey and quote.

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Exploring every nook and cranny

Not all projects encompass the entire garden - many look at smaller areas, exploring new ideas to bring the garden to life. In each case the challenge is to make the most of the conditions, and the role of the space.

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Your garden reimagined

Front gardens, back gardens, side gardens... big gardens, little gardens, tiny gardens... spaces to entertain, spaces to doze... lawns, beds, borders, forgotten corners, shady spots and sunny areas... What is Possible in your Garden?


Meet Andy

Landscaper gardener, garden designer and proprietor of Possible Gardens in Tring.

I first caught the gardening bug in the front garden of my flat in North West London in my early twenties. After twenty years in HR management, I set up Possible Gardens in 2006. Between 2005 and 2008, I pursued the well-regarded garden and planting design programme at Capel Manor College.

Whilst helping clients with their gardens, I seek inspiration in numerous ways. I will often visit others' gardens and take note of what works and what doesn't, observing how certain ideas could be fleshed out, adapted and fully realised. Get in touch with me today to transform your little patch of the outdoor world.

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A little insight into the service I provide:

  • Consulting

  • Garden design

  • Garden maintenance

  • Garden makeovers

  • Garden rejuvenation

  • Mentoring and support

  • Planting design

  • Planting schemes

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Let's talk about what you want from your garden. Contact me on:

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